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Physician Associates Locum Tenens

Providing Mid-Level Medical Professional
Services on an Interim Basis

Physician Associate Locum Tenens - Your resource when you need fast, reliable, interim professional placement services.
Created from an expressed need for a diligent, and discerning medical placement service specializing in Physician Extenders, Physician Associates Locum Tenens was born.
Many providers and facilities recounting disappointing treatment in their placement service experiences, were asking, "why isn't there an agency entirely for  mid-level professionals?" With over 30 years in the medical profession, and over 25 years experience with mid-level placement, we have answered this challenge with the knowledge, experience, and expertise you can count on.
Providers can test the waters in a new area, community, or health care delivery organization before moving ahead with any long-term commitment. Likewise, facilities can evaluate the benefit of an added provider without obligation.
Since our inception, many Rural Health Centers, Multi-specialty Groups, Hospitals, Managed Care Organizations, Private Practices and Physician Extenders have come to rely on our services.

Why Choose Us ?

Superior Service

Physician Associates Locum Tenens is resolute in meeting interim professional placement needs. We offer the experience of over 20 years in medicine, and understand the nuances of effecting a nearly seamless integration of provider and facility. Whether the requirement is to cover a single shift, vacation coverage or a planned long-term absence, such as a sabbatical, or maternity leave, we are at your service.

Everyone Benefits

Rural Health Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Managed Care Organizations, Private Practices, and of course, the Mid-level Health Care Provider. It's a win-win partnership.

The Locum Tenens Option:

It works for both Provider and for Health Care Delivery Organizations. How may we be of service to you? It's literally, your call.

Located on California's Central Coast, we are strategically situated mid-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, near the city of San Luis Obispo.

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Physician Associates Locum Tenens
Providing Mid-level Interim Medical Professional Services

PO Box 513
Arroyo Grande, CA 93421-0513
Phone: (805) 929-2015 or (805) 440-1881
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