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"We're looking at the CV and compensation agreement now. This is great, and it was so easy!
We were under-staffed, and were faced with rescheduling patients. We were even considering over-booking our other providers ."

Physician Associates Locum Tenens can provide you with the scheduling flexibility required with our Interim Professionals. We maintain a dynamic database of experienced, physician extenders to help with your interim Primary Care staffing needs.

Illness, vacations, unforeseen absences have your scheduling in a quandary? Tell us about your needs when you need the
added coverage of a Physician Extender. We'll swing into action and your locum tenens physician extender will be in place. Call us! You will be pleased with the time and cost savings when you do.

Fees and Costs

Because of our reduced overhead costs, our locum tenens  placement fees are substantially less than other staffing agencies. As with the other locum tenens service providers, there is an ongoing placement fee for each day or part thereof that our physician extender serves as your employee.
Current salaries range between $60 and $75 per hour, depending on the provider's experience and your requirements. Call or e-mail for details. Customarily, the health care facility pays the travel and lodging costs required for the assignment and provides the professional liability insurance coverage.  If you decide to hire one of our providers, billing arrangements based on a percentage of the negotiated annual salary for the placed provider will be made. Several payment options are available. Again, call or e-mail for the details.


We are available when you need us. Rapid response times -- we've got you covered,-- literally. We will get back to you within 24 hours, in most cases much sooner.


We maintain a dynamic database of top-notch providers. State of the art computer systems and communication capabilities are your edge when you use our services.

Experience and Professionalism

Health care delivery systems of all types and sizes have utilized our physician extenders. All of our providers are thoroughly screened and credentialed.
You have other responsibilities. Let us help you with the arrangements. We will expeditiously process the paperwork involved with getting our provider into your facility and your practice back up to speed.


We believe in our Interim Professionals. We  recommend only those  that we trust with our reputation and yours. Our more experienced providers take great pride in their ability to integrate nearly seamlessly into most practice environments. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.


We'll advise you if we have a provider that meets your requirements; and more importantly, we'll advise when we don't. In the event that we are unable to immediately meet your criteria, we will keep you informed of the progress during the often time-critical continued search process.

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