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locum tenens \ lo-kem 'te-nenz\ [ML, lit., (one) holding a place] (1641) one filling an office for a time or temporarily taking the place of another. -- used esp. of a doctor or clergyman

Physician Associates Locum Tenens
Interim Mid-level Professional Services

Physician Assistants
Nurse Practitioners

P.A. Locum Tenens can provide you with the scheduling flexibility you want. We maintain an ever-increasing database of health care facilities, who use physician extenders to help them with their interim Primary Care staffing needs.
Unsure about a particular community or Health Care delivery organization? Want more control of your work schedule? Tired of the same routine? Call us! You may be pleasantly surprised.


We've got them. We maintain a growing database of top-notched Health Care Delivery Facilities. Coming soon, interactive  web-posting of the assignment options available.

Experience and Professionalism

Since our inception, we have been working with health care delivery systems of all types and sizes. Want a fast-paced, urgent-care environment or a challenging rural family practice assignment? We'll handle the compensation packages, including the tedious  paperwork involved with the agreements, accommodations when applicable, incidentals, and the legal stuff, getting you smoothly into the type of assignment you choose.


We believe in quality patient care. Only those facilities that we trust with our reputation and your career track, are clients. We take care of the arrangement hassles leaving you free to focus on what you do best--- practice medicine. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.


We'll advise you if we have a Facility that meets your requirements, and more importantly, we'll advise you when we don't. We will keep you informed during the continued search process if we are unable to immediately meet your criteria.

Other Services

New grad? No worries. We will help you with your CV and walk you through the process of getting started.  Locum tenens is a great way of testing the waters in a new area or community. Use our Registration Form for the details of how locum tenens can be your way to that perfect position.

Physician Associates Locum Tenens
Providing Mid-level Interim Medical Professional Services

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